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A few common garage door related questions

You're not alone. Every homeowner has a question or two about their garage door and their various parts and features. We've rounded up the most important ones below.

Do I need a new opener for my new insulated garage door?

If the new unit is much heavier than the previous one, you may have to switch to a more powerful opener. That is why it is best to check if the weight of the door corresponds to the power of the device before buying the unit that has caught your attention.

How is the garage door opener travel limit adjusted?

Most models have special switches at the back of the motor unit. There are switches for both the closing and the opening limits. The opener's manual should say which direction to turn the switch in order to increase or decrease each limit. In general, the limits should be adjusted when a new door or opener is installed.

What is the possible cause for garage door opening or closing by themselves?

According to our specialists, remotes or clickers may be placed somewhere that causes them to be pressed by something without you knowing it. Put your remote in a safe place. This can also be caused by a broken or loose wire.

How much headroom is required for garage door installation?

This depends on the type of spring to be used on your new garage door. Extension springs require a minimum 10-inch headroom, while torsion springs require a 12-inch space. If an opener is installed, additional headroom is needed. It is best to check additional headroom requirements with the opener’s manufacturer.

Can a garage door run without tracks?

Our garage door specialists say that you can find trackless doors, meaning they operate without tracks, saving you space and the need to buy certain parts. However, garage door tracks offer a specific benefit, for they are responsible for the door’s smooth transition when it goes from opening to closing.

Can I install a garage door on my own?

It is not recommended for you to install your garage door by yourself, as it should be installed by two people or more. This heavy appliance requires not only a professional skillset, but also the right tools. If mishandled, it can cause bodily injury and property damage.


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